Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bob Stinson's Bench

In 2000 family and friends of Bob Stinson dedicated a bench in his honor, after he passed away at age 35 in February 1995. It was in a part of the Lake of the Isles park where Lake Calhoun channels into the Lake of the Isles. This is where Bob would come to hang out and fish and watch trains go by, among other things.

Lake of the Isles

plaque on Bob's bench

view from the bench

Me on the bench
After seeing the bench and noting its proximity to the Stinson house, Treehouse Records, the CC Club, etc, it all started to come together in my mind. We were traversing the same streets that made up the 1-2 miles where the Replacements spent much of their time in their early years. Now, when I listen to some of their songs I will always picture these streets and landmarks.

"Rent a penthouse but sleep on a bench.....Nowhere, that's my home....Nowhere ain't too far from here"

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