Friday, October 8, 2010

Superchunk /Jenny and Johnny/ Versus @ Trocadero 9/22/10

(Source: Merge Records)

I was looking forward to finally seeing Superchunk play live for the first time. I was late getting into them, but have been a fan of theirs for years now. They always had a nice mix of pop, punk, and alt/indie sensibilities in their music, but for whatever reason (partially by choice of remaining on Merge Records) never really were able to break through in a big way the way similar-sounding acts in the 1990's did.

This show didn't disappoint. They played great set and the new songs from Majesty Shredding sounded great live. The crowd was really into the new material, which is refreshing to see when a band has been around 20+ years. Here is a taste - "Iron On" from the show.

Jenny and Johnny opened and they played a good set as well, showcasing 9 of the 11 songs on their new album, along with the set closer "Next Messiah" from Jenny Lewis' last solo album, and another track I didn't know. I found out later it is called "Just One of the Guys", which I think is a cover from a band called The Blondes.

A reunited Versus opened the show and unfortunately I missed them. I've read mixed reviews of their performance on various blogs.

Here is a good review of the show.

Superchunk Setlist:

1.Kicked In
2.Iron On
3.My Gap Feels Weird
5.I Guess I Remembered It Wrong
6.On The Mouth
7.Fractures in Plaster
8.Water Wings
9.So Convinced
10.Crossed Wires
11.Digging For Something
12.Detroit Has a Skyline
13.Like a Fool
14.Hello Hawk
15.Hyper Enough
16.Everything At Once

17.Cast Iron
18.Slack Motherfucker
19.100,000 Fireflies

Encore 2:
20.Precision Auto

Jenny and Johnny Setlist:

1.Scissor Runner
3.My Pet Snakes
4.Just Like Zeus
5.Straight Edge of the Blade
8.Just One of the Guys
9.Big Wave
11.Next Messiah

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