Sunday, October 12, 2008

How much is a manager worth in the post-season?

I was debating this point recently.....Sparky Anderson said a great manager might be worth 7 to 10 more wins to a team during the regular season. So that's 10 wins over 162.....or 1 every 16 games. In the post season you only 19 games maximum. So I think that may be why you see guys like Manuel and Francona do so well (and Torre too....don't forget he was thought of as a bad manager before he took the Yankees job in 1996) while guys like Leyland, Pinella, and Cox have done so poorly overall in the postseason (in spite of each them winning 1 title....they've lost more series than they've won). But their teams always seemed better for the every day grind of the regular season rather than the post season.

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