Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Jesse Malin @ The Tin Angel, 11/20/2007

Overall, it was a good set my Malin at the Tin Angel. A lot of funny banter between songs as usual. It was a solo show with just Malin on acoustic guitar, accompanied by a keyboard player. The set that was broadcast for WXPN ended after the first encore. Then Matt Riley signed off for the station and Malin came out and played a 2nd encore before calling it a night. My only complaint would be the number of cover songs. But I guess in an acoustic setting, he was more limited in what songs would work well without a band backing him.

1. Almost Grown
2. Brooklyn
3. Little Star
4. Lucinda
5. Going Out West
6. Black Haired Girl
7. Broken Radio
8. Riding on the Subway
9. Don't Let Them Take You Down
10. Bastards of Young (The Replacements)
11. Downliner
12. You Can Make Him Like You (The Hold Steady)
13. Aftermath
14. Wendy

15. Hotel Columbia
16. Helpless (Neil Young)
17. Pocohontas (Neil Young)
18. Solitaire
19. Xmas

20. Death or Glory (the Clash)
21. In the Modern World
22. NY Nights

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